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All your Industrial and Commercial Chiller Needs: New, Reconditioned or Custom Built Chillers

Industrial Refrigeration and Chillers chiller2

  • Air and Water-cooled chillers
  • Capable of reaching -100 degrees F, leaving process fluids
  • Suited for industrial applications
  • Designed and manufactured according to customer’s individual needs

Vapor Recovery and Condensing Systems

  • Refrigerant or Liquid nitrogen
  • Custom designed and manufactured to our customers’ specifications
  • Capable of reaching -100F

New Chillers

  • New factory brand units, such as Carrier, Trane and York
  • Air or water-cooled
  • Custom manufactured by Specialty Refrigeration and Equipment

Reconditioned Chillers and Equipment new3

  • Remanufactured units and equipment
  • Air and water-cooled
  • Top brands such as, Carrier, Trane, and York chillers and additional equipment